COVID-19 Radiology Repository - Lifetrack Medical Systems

The objective of this project is to create a platform to crowd-source a COVID-19 image repository. The repository is freely available to individuals, medical institutions, hospitals, health departments and health ministries to share their COVID-19 chest CT images globally.

Here's a short video on how to Upload and view the study

To upload your study:
· Drag and drop the DICOM folder from your computer to the box above.
· The study information with a unique number (Lifetrack ID) will be displayed in a table. Copy the Lifetrack ID generated.
· Tick the checkbox and click the 'Add checked studies to LMS PACS/RIS' button

· Copy the unique number (Lifetrack ID) generated.
· Studies uploaded will be fully anonymized
· The studies will be made available to global radiology community who registered

To view the study you uploaded
· Use Google Chrome browser only
· Use the user ID: community password: CoViD19@
· Filter the Lifetrack ID column with the ID generated when you uploaded the study.
· Watch this video related to how to view the study images on the viewer: